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MSC and MEDLOG provide door-to-door services for rice in containers

Transshipment operations are minimal and rapid, turnover time in port is greatly reduced. (Image source: MSC Mediterranean)

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company provides expertise to connect traders, exporters, brokers and suppliers around the world with their major markets, providing end-to-end transport and logistics solutions for rice

As a particularly sensitive cargo, rice requires experience to be transported safely and on time, while ensuring that the right temperature and moisture levels are maintained.

Shifting from bulk carriers to containers for door-to-door services

Food importers are increasingly shifting from bulk carriers to containers, because they offer a way to import smaller amounts and can be cheaper per tonne.

There are many other advantages of using containers for rice shipment. Transshipment operations are minimal and rapid, turnover time in port is greatly reduced. Complementing this, MSC’s intermodal solutions enable seamless door-to-door delivery .

Through its logistics subsidiary MEDLOG, MSC can provide tailor-made solutions such as inland transportation, cargo handling, stevedoring, storage, transit, customs formalities at destination, reducing customer exposure to certain business risks.

Gregory Krief, managing director of MSC in Togo and business development manager for MEDLOG in West and East Africa, explains, “Rice traders and importers sometimes need to cope with unforeseen situations such as bad weather, sudden port congestion, implementation of new regulatory processes and customs changes. It is increasingly apparent that reducing transit time, demurrage costs, length of port storage, and other risks related to documentation is a game-changing and cost-saving strategy for the shippers, the consignees and other players in the supply chain”.

“Providing a hassle-free global service from Asia to Africa for our rice customers is our priority. We want our customers to have peace of mind, which allows them to focus on their own business instead of worrying about where their rice cargo is and unexpected extra costs,” he adds.       

Krief will be giving a speech at the World Rice Conference, 2019 ( in Manila, about risk management.

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