Sharing expertise on Avian Immunity: Application of Gumboro vaccine for optimal Bursal protection against vvIBDv field infection

MyVAC Gumboro UPM93 is effective against Gumboro virus strain presence in Vietnam. (Image source: visuals3Dde/Pixabay)

On 7 October 2020, Green Pharmaceutical Joint Stock (Greenvet), Vietnam in collaboration with Malaysian Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals (MVP), organised an exclusive webinar as their value-added service to customer amidst the Coronavirus pandemic

The webinar was focused on sharing knowledge on ‘Avian Immunity: Application of Gumboro UPM93 for Optimal Bursal Protection Against vvIBDv Field Infection’.

A distinguished speaker of UPM93 strain vaccine’s scientist and developer, Prof Dato’ Dr Hair bin Bejo was invited to share his expertise on the way of controlling Gumboro disease using vaccination as one of the effective tools.


“Controlling Gumboro is important, as immunosuppression always play a major role in most of the disease problem in chicken production.”

In the webinar, Prof Hair highlighted the importance to use homologous vaccine pathotype with field challenge virus presence, correct application and strategic timing in order to get the most optimal protection from Gumboro vaccination programme. He also explained that the best approach to immunosuppressive disease should always be by managing the stress factors, reducing exposure to an infectious agent through tight biosecurity and boosting immune response through proper vaccination.

He added, as MyVAC Gumboro UPM93 is a very virulent IBD strain, it is effective against very virulent Gumboro virus strain presence in Vietnam. Studies in Vietnam also confirmed that MyVAC Gumboro UPM93 able to confer protection to bursa when applied as early as five days of chick life.

Moving Forward

Joining the webinar was Director of Greenvet, Dr Bạch Quốc Thắng who set the stage, giving the overview on Vietnamese poultry situation amidst the pandemic. He also provided his insightful 2021 local market way forward. The webinar took on for almost 2.5 hours, ended with a very interactive session between the speaker and participants.

Due to positive response from attendees, MVP and Greenvet team are planning another webinar in the near future to maintain a close connection with the customer even in travel restriction time.

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