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Food & Commodity

Specific vulnerabilities of the food production system were highlighted at the Paris climate change summit. (Image source: Jbdodane/Flickr)

The Paris Climate Change Agreement, for the first time, has recognised food security as a fundamental priority

Several acres of paddy are flooded and crops have been destroyed due to the floods in Myanmar. (Image source: MiikkaSkaffari/Flickr)

Ongoing floods in Myanmar have damaged paddy fields and impacted aquaculture operations, as authorities are on a deadline to do damage control

The demand for USAs dairy products will be high from Southeast Asia and China. (Image source: Pixabay)

Southeast Asian nations and China are touted to be big markets for dairy products from the USA, stated a dairy analyst from Rabobank

Increasing organisation in the domestic feeds industry creates huge scope for growth, said the report. (Image source: World Bank Photo Collection/Flickr)

India’s animal feed market has been growing at a CAGR of eight per cent, according to a report which predicts that it will develop into a US$30bn industry by 2020

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