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Food & Commodity

Japan has a health-conscious population, which is why there is a rising demand for food barley. (Image source: Pixabay)

Japan has imported 1,789 metric tonnes (mt) of barley from the USA, for food and food processing, from January to March 2015 and the US Grains Council expects 50 per cent more in the coming months

Thailand will also export chicken products to South Korea June 2015 onwards. (Image source: Kakyusei/Pixabay)

Thailand’s exports of fresh chilled or frozen chicken in Q1 2015 grew to 140,000 tonnes, a 20 per cent increase compared to the same period in 2014

Taiwan’s FDA will soon launch a comprehensive inspection of beverage chains to address consumers’ concerns about the presence of pesticide residues in their drinks. (Image source: A Girl with Tea/Flickr)

Taiwanese government has launched a cloud-based traceability system for domestic tea, which will allow consumers to trace the source and production of tea, the council of agriculture (COA) said

In 2009, Institut Pasteur du Cambodge had conducted tests on raw chicken meat available in Phnom Penh’s chicken market and found that 46 per cent of the samples showed traces of salmonella. (Image source:

The Cambodian government will introduce a food safety law in 2015 that will see the country adopt a set of standards and ensure greater coordination across ministries, according to a health official

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