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Food & Commodity

Zimbabwe is one of the largest recipients of Chinese aid in Africa. (Image source: Vadakkan/Wikimedia Commons)

China has donated 5,400 metric tonnes of rice worth more than US$8mn to Zimbabwe to help alleviate food shortages in the African country

According to experts, higher output will add pressure on local prices, which is at the lowest level for four and a half years. (Image source: Maria Kaloudi/

India’s sugar production has recorded an increase in the output to 19.4mn tonnes in February 2015 from 455 sugar mills, compared to 17.04mn tonnes produced until the same period last year

Japan has set a goal of raising the export value of rice and rice products to around US$50mn by 2020. (Image source: Anmar Abd/

Japanese rice export association has announced the launch of an initiative to export more rice to Singapore

Under the Japan-Australia free trade agreement that took effect in January this year, Japan will cut its tariffs on Australian beef by up to half from the current 38.5 per cent. (Image source: Taryn/Flickr)

Japan is likely to cut its high import tariffs on USA’s beef and pork and slightly ease tight restrictions on rice imports in order to seal Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal

The deal is expected to provide the EU farmers, processors and businesses greater access to South Korea’s growing market for organic products. (Image source: Emil Asli/Flickr)

Effective 1 February 2015, South Korea and the EU will be able to sell organic products with one certificate, issued in either the East Asian nation or in Europe

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