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Buhler and Entocycle collaborate to drive adoption of large-scale BSF farms

The two companies will cover multiple steps of the journey, from concept and basic engineering to execution of BSF facilities worldwide. (Image source: Bühler)

One of the worlds leading processing technology groups, Bühler on 30 August, collaborated with insect technology company, Entocycle to encourage the adoption of large-scale black soldier fly (BSF) farms

Starting from concept and basic engineering to execution of BSF facilities worldwide, the two companies aim to provide solutions and expertise to serve customers in this segment. To address key challenges regarding the absence of in-house breeding operations and techniques to ensure a steady supply of industrial scale BSF larvae, Bühler and Entocycle will offer scalable end-to-end solutions, thereby significantly bringing down the time to market for companies setting up an insect facility.

Keiran Whitaker, founder and CEO of Entocycle expressed his excitement about the collaboration, emphasising the impact that BSF farming would make in creating a sustainable and efficient global food system. "The industrial use of BSF is rapidly gaining traction among businesses seeking alternative feed protein sources and more sustainable practices. To accelerate scaling this industry we must contribute to lowering the hurdles for companies to enter this business,” stated Andreas Baumann, head of Market Segment Insect Technology at Bühler.