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Buhler Group displays its latest innovations at VIV ASIA 2017

Bulhler Group Thailand office in Bangkok. (Image source:

At the show, Buhler (Changzhou) Machinery presented the AHCE155 twin-screw extruder, the AHPE900 pelletizer, the Buhler WVD7 corn color sorter and the Tas152 cleaning sieve, as well as its on-site demonstration of the Buhler WinCos automatic control system and the ring die 900

In the grain and food sector, about 65 per cent of the world's wheat is processed into flour using Buhler's flour making equipment. Most rice, pasta, chocolate and breakfast cereal food production and processing around the world also utilise Buhler's equipment and technology. Buhler Group is a global leading equipment manufacturer in the fields of feed, flour, rice sorting and grain transportation.

On the three topics of pet food nutrition, food safety, clean drying processing technology, Buhler experts discussed how to further improve the nutrition value of feed products, enhance food safety, and provide more efficient and cleaner solutions. 

In addition to discussion, Buhler presented the new, powerful, fast and flexible AHCE155 twin-screw extruder, which allows the material to be recycled and reused in the puffing stage. Also on display at the VIV Asia exhibition was AHPE900 granulator, which delivers safe and reliable performance and automated cleaning system and other prominent advantages of widespread concern, the model can meet the larger customers of production, in line with the feed industry intensive, professional needs.

Also on display was the WinCos plant control system, which includes a number of features including the WinCos Energy Management. Energy management with WinCos facilitates energy savings through energy monitoring. This applies to applications relating to plant and process technologies for the processing of various kinds of grain through to turn-key storage elevators and bulk material storage systems. Full monitoring of energy consumption serves to optimise energy use with the goal of preventing power peaks and lowering costs in the sense of an optimised load management. Buhler demonstrated the plant control system to visitors at the show, displaying its benefits to the Thai and further Asian markets.