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At this year's Eurotier Exhibition, November 15-18, in Hannover, Germany, Dinnissen will again be present with our own booth 21-J20 where we will be presenting our latest innovations in the field of Feed Technology

EurotierDinnissen to display new products at Eurotier this year. (Image source: DLG E.V/Commons)

Premiering this year is Dutch-brand Dinnissen's virtual reality presentation of our newest Hamex Hammermill, a step into a new experience of design review by virtually walking around and touching the hammermill. Dinnissen will not only bring virtual machinery but we will also have some of their innovative process technology at the stand.  Many of these developments are to be of keen interest to the far Eastern markets. 

Dinnissen Process Technology specialises in the development and production of process technologies and equipment for the feed, food, pharma and chemical industries. One outstanding member of Dinnissen’s product range is the Hamex® Hammer mill with semi-automatic screen changer. Hamex® Hammer mill with automatic screen changer The Hamex® Hammer mill with automatic screen changer can handle grinding capacities of up to 60 tonnes per hour, and the screen changer has space for four to six different sets of grinder screens.

On to the latest development, Dinnissen now also offers a Hamex® Hammer mill with semi-automatic screen exchanger in response to changing customer demands. When using the Hamex® Hammer mill with semi-automatic screen changer, the screens are automatically removed from the hammer mill. But, in contrast to the automatic screen changer, the operator manually removes the screens from the screen holder and manually inserts the new screens.

For more information. Dinnissen can be found here