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Korea Crop production research boosted by LemnaTec's Greenhouse Scanalyzer

(Image source: Pxhere/558545)

This year, Koreas crop production has been severely damaged by prolonged dry weather conditions, threatening food security for a large part of its population. It is said that the country has experienced its most severe drought since 2001 and will soon experience major flooding as a result of the severe droughts

The Food and Agriculture Organisation has recommended the promotion of drought-tolerant crops and varieties to increase the resilience of farmers and households to natural disasters and climate change.

Lemnatec’s Greenhouse Scanalyzer will be in the new Crop Phenomics Center, which will investigate Korea's key crops such as rice and soybean for improved productivity and climate resilience. Which, in turn, will help to develop resource-efficient varieties that deliver adequate phenotypes for improved future agriculture.

The scanalyzer enables non-invasive day-by-day phenotyping of crop plants such as rice or soybean and is a powerful tool for phenotyping research. Plants can be characterized by their phenotypic performance according to their genetic background and imposed environmental factors. It also compromises 1012 plant carriers on conveyors that move plants to imaging cabinets containing visible, near-infrared, and infrared cameras.