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Philippines rice mill upgrades with Bühler equipment

The mill will soon install a de-stoner, a huller as well as a separator, all from Bühler. (Image sourc: Bühler)

The Bühler Group (Bühler) has completed a total upgrade of milling equipment for the La Suerte Ricemill Corporation (La Suerte) in Isabela, Philippines

Now, the mill is running exclusively on Bühler’s technology, following the recent installation of a 10-12 tonnes per hour (tph) rice whitening line, a 20 tph rice hulling line in 2013 and the SORTEX optical sorting technology in 2009.

Ricardo P. Tan, CEO of La Suerte, said that the mill now produces rice which is superior in appearance and taste. “Bühler’s highly impressive technology has provided us with the all-important competitive advantage we need, to take the leading position in our industry. Our return on investment has already been fantastic and we’re delighted with the result. Since updating most of our Mill equipment with Bühler technology, we have been able to consistently deliver perfect quality rice to our customers in the marketplace,” he said.

The next stage in the mill’s development will come with Bühler’s de-stoner, for the removal of stones and other high-density impurities, such as metal and glass. The mill will also install a huller and separator to deliver excellent separating efficiency, grading solutions to classify rice by kernel size, as well as optical sorting solutions to deliver rice with a smooth, dust free and shiny surface. As part of its investment, the mill also receives round-the-clock service from Bühler, with localised support.

Rustom Mistry, director and head of rice processing for Asia at Bühler, said: “La Suerte is one of the most respected rice millers in the Philippines. We’re delighted to know that using our technology has provided the team with peace of mind.”