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Processing & Storage

The project aims to provide knowledge in marketing and sales, as well as to provide technology that helps improve the global visibility of the local product. (Image source: Jose Antonio Alba/Pixabay)

A new European project called ‘ARTOLIO’ as part of the ENI CBC Med programme was launched in October 2020 to implement innovative, developmental measures that will drive improvements in the quality of production

Eat Just is developing chicken nuggets derived from animal cells. (Image source: Pixabay)

Singapore has become the first country on Earth to approve cultured meat for commercial sale

Crover has been developing the robot that can take accurate temperature and moisture measurements as it travels through the grain. (Image source: 42 North/Pexels)

Start-up company Crover has introduced the world-first agricultural technology, designed to reduce waste and save millions of tonnes of grain stock each year

The new manufacturing plant will supply advanced customised solutions to the animal nutrition industry. (Image source: DuPont Animal Nutrition)

DuPont Nutrition and Biosciences has announced the opening of a new Animal Nutrition manufacturing capability in Wuxi, China

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