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Cargill’s new SmartShield programme can aid with reducing Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) risk in shrimp and improve profitability

shrimp-mirofoto-sxchuEarly detection of EMS through Cargill's SmartShield programme could improve profitability. (Image source: mirofoto/sxchu)

According to Cargill, this approach to shrimp aquaculture is holistic as it combines specialised feed and technical services that are proven to combat disease and increase production by atleast 30 per cent.

To achieve this, the company has suggested the use of three methods namely on-farm risk management, targeted feed solutions and specialised technical support. On-farm risk management uses a specialised tool that will provide customised reports including specific biosecurity and farm management recommendations, to reduce the risk of disease.

Targeted feed solutions (with advanced nutrition) comprises a functional additive package delivered through a complete feeding programme that improves growth performance and boosts the immunity of shrimp. Finally, the specialised technical support package includes the evaluation of onsite performance and diagnosing water quality that can provide means for early detection, and subsquently enable the use of preventive measures.

Trials conducted in Mexico have revealed that the programme provided shrimp farmers an average increase of 59 per cent in production yield and an average of a 20 per cent improvement in feed conversion rate.