Leveraging cutting-edge technologies for aquaculture industry

HydroNeo offers farmers an IoT system designed to continuously monitor water quality parameters, including DO, pH, and more. (Image source: Full Circle Biotechnology)

Norwegian-based nurient recapture company, Full Circle Biotechnology announced its partnership with Thailand-based aquaculture technology startup, HydroNeo to provide the company with its industry-leading insect-based shrimp feed additive

Through the partnership, Full Circle will enable HydroNeo to generate new revenue streams and provide an alternative high protein, low carbon feed to the aqua industry. By combining food waste with black soldier fly (BSF) larvae and microbes, Full Circle Biotechnology has developed a waste-to-protein production system that offers animal farmers the chance to cut both emissions and cost, without compromising on quality. Moreover, it also offers an alternative to soymeal, fishmeal and other carbon-intensive feeds that cause damage to the environment. 

Given its specialisation in the shrimp industry, HydroNeo offers farmers an IoT system designed to continuously monitor water quality parameters, including DO (dissolved oxygen), pH, and more. Besides providing real-time data, the system also sends alerts through smartphone apps, notifying users of any adverse conditions. In addition, it incorporates advanced automation features aimed at reducing energy consumption. In this way, HydroNeo’s Smart Farming Solution not only enhances the efficacy of shrimp farming but also improves its sustainability.

Founder and MD of Full Circle Biotechnology, Felix Collins expressed his excitement regarding the collaboration. “This partnership not only generates a new revenue stream for both but enables each company to further innovate, as well as share industry insights and technical knowledge, leading us closer to our goal of reshaping the industry for the better.” 

For more information, visit: www.fullcirclebio.tech and www.hydroneo.net