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Microalgae-derived feed ingredient developed as viable alternative to fish oil

Willows Ingredients grows its sustainable portfolio with HuvePure DHA - lipid biomass. (Image source: Willows Ingredients)

Raw material distributor, Willow Ingredients has recently signed a supply partnership agreement with microalgae specialist, HuveNutra to develop the microalgae-derived HuvePure DHA - lipid biomass, as a viable alternative to fish oil used in animal feed

According to Willows Ingredients managing director, David Scrivens, it is increasingly challenging to source enough fish from oceans without unacceptable overfishing. Omega 3 fatty acids deliver proven health benefits and dietary supplementation recommended to ensure an animals standard nutritional requirements are met. HuvePure DHA is lipid biomass in powder, a vegetarian source of DHA, an Omega-3 fatty acid derived through a fermentation process of microalgae strain Schizochytrium sp.

Scrivens expressed his delight regarding the partnership, highlighting that they would continue seeking out companies that produced ingredients and solutions that would nourish a growing population in ways that were less harmful to our planet. "Partnering with Willows Ingredients provides a great opportunity to expand HuveNutras product distribution into new markets with Willows dedicated and experienced pet food team, providing a reliable and sustainable plant-based source of omega3 DHA, that is GMO-free," stated HuveNutras managing director, Tom Brudenell-Bruce.

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