South Korean fish company targets the US and Chinese markets

Tongue soles are very popular in Gunsan South Korea. (Image source: NOAA Photo Library/Flickr)

South Korea’s Ariul Fish LLC is ready to enter the US and Chinese food markets with the Tongue Sole Fish, the special product of Gunsan South Korea, a move that is in line with Korea’s plan to support export marketing activities

The company has been selected as a party of high-growth export capability strengthening project managed by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups in Korea and is targeting the international marketplaces.

Tongue soles, mostly caught off the west coast, are kind of sea fish, similar to the red tongue soles, with a shorter length compared to the red tongue soles. They are getting popular in the US and Chinese markets because of low calories and less fishy smell.

Commenting on the adoption of Tongue soles in the US and Chinese markets, Ariul Fish LLC commented, “I wonder how overseas consumers will react to the Korean tongue soles which are popular in Korea. We will promote Korean tongue soles through various promotions and events.”

Korea’s the high growth export capability strengthening project aims to support the export marketing activities of high growth companies with high employment, sales and export growth rate. For this project, domestic SMEs, after undergoing rigorous screening by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups of Korea, are selected.

Ariul Fish LLC specialises in producing ‘Golden Tongue Sole’ and ‘Golden Yellow Croaker’ that are popular in Gunsan City. The company explained that they select and handle Korean tongue soles and yellow croakers caught off the West coast and apply the food safety certification standard system HACCP to process and produce products through hygiene control.