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Umitron, a Singapore and Japan-based deeptech company, has announced the release of the Pulse mobile application for android users to access ocean environmental data

oyster farm 1404178 640Pulse provides difficult to find water quality data, such as chlorophyll concentrations, that deliver valuable insights for fish, shellfish, and seaweed farmers. (Image source: Mike Potenza/Pixabay)

Pulse was initially launched for aquaculture farmers at the end of July with the aim of providing a high-resolution ocean map of critical environmental parameters such as water temperature, chlorophyll, dissolved oxygen, salinity and wave height, according to the company's news release. Pulse now has users all over the world who are relying on the service to help them make informed farm management decisions.

Historically, access to ocean data has not been provided in real-time high resolution or easy-to-use formats. Pulse said to be the first of its kind-an application that allows farmers to easily check ocean water quality data in the same way they check the daily weather forecast.

In aquaculture, it is just as important to know what is happening below the surface of the ocean as it is to know what is happening above it. All this is possible thanks to new developments in satellite remote sensing technology and Umitron’s commitment to bringing more data to more farmers.

The android and soon-to-be-launch iOS application provides the same functionality as the 48-hour desktop version, as well as historical data for all five environmental parameters. Future updates will lead to even higher resolution maps near the coast, as well as new environmental data and improved forecasts.