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FAO recommends the requirements to report unusual fish mortality and restrictions on the movement of live fish by the tilapia producing countries. (Image source: WorldFish/Flickr)

The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has warned that a highly infectious disease is going viral among wild and farmed tilapia across the world, which could impact nutrition and global food security if biosafety measures are not implemented

Tra catfish on sale. (Image source: Xufanc/Commons)

Vietnam exported US$69.7mn worth of tra fish, a common type of catfish, to China in the first quarter of this year, recording a year-on-year surge of 56.8 percent, the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers (VASEP) said, noting that the export turnover to China accounted for roughly 19 per cent of the total to the world market

(Image source: Biswarup Ganguly/Commons)

Dais Analytic Corporation, a commercial nanotechnology materials business selling its industry-changing nanomaterial technology into the worldwide water, air and energy markets, announced on 25 April that it has entered into a three-year Cooperation Agreement with Beijing Geoenviron Engineering and Technology, Inc, a leader in providing advanced pollution prevention and treatment solutions in Mainland China, to distribute Dais NanoClear™ products for the treatment of aggressively contaminated industrial wastewater

The farmed shrimp season in Asia ended in November with an overall sluggish production. (Image source: Stux/Pixabay)

FAO’s latest Globefish report has revealed that global production of farmed shrimp in 2016 remained stagnant, or even fell, compared to the year before owing to lower international prices and outbreaks of disease in a few leading producing countries

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