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IVCC, Pfizer ink pact to boost veterinary education in China

The Chinese Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) and the International Veterinary Collaboration for China (IVCC), a consortium of leading veterinary medical schools in the United States and United Kingdom and Pfizer Animal Health, have signed a memorandum of understanding to advance veterinary medical education and animal health in mainland China

“I am confident our collaboration with the IVCC will make possible scientific exchange of best practices in veterinary medicine between the professional communities in China, the United States and United Kingdom,” said Dr Jia Youlin, president of the CVMA.
“This increased access and sharing of knowledge and ideas will enrich and strengthen veterinary education in China especially at the undergraduate education level.”
The CVMA, founded in 2009, is the first organisation representing the veterinary profession in China. It is devoted to introducing standardization and bringing harmonization to the veterinary profession in China.

“The memorandum of understanding marks a significant milestone for Pfizer Animal Health, our fellow IVCC partners and for China’s veterinary medicine profession,” said Dr Michelle Haven, vice president, Business Development, Global Alliances and Strategic Planning at Pfizer Animal Health.

According to Dr Haven, the individual IVCC partners had on-going professional activities with several Chinese centers of veterinary excellence when the IVCC was founded in 2010.  The idea of the IVCC came from recognition amongst Pfizer and its academic partners that more could be accomplished by joining together in a consortium to pursue diverse activities with a common goal to advance veterinary education and animal health in China. 

“This agreement with the CVMA moves us closer to a new era of cooperation and collaboration with the veterinary professional community in China.  It is a privilege for Pfizer Animal Health to play a leadership role with our distinguished academic partners in making this possible.” 

The IVCC is a consortium of Iowa State University, Kansas State University, University of California Davis, University of Minnesota, University of Nottingham, the Royal Veterinary College and Pfizer Animal Health.  IVCC works intensively to forge closer links with the Chinese veterinary community and in the interest of sharing experience and knowledge.

“The support of academic institutions from Europe and the United States in collaboration with Pfizer has an objective to enhance global standards of veterinary care of both companion animals and livestock,” said Professor Ralph Richardson, dean, College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University. 
“We will work together to enhance the level of veterinary education in China and to harmonize and internalize excellence in professional practice.” 

The initial focus of the IVCC is in three areas: enhancing dairy and swine health and productivity through improved management; veterinary education; and increasing veterinary public health awareness and education.  A number of initiatives have already been launched in these areas.