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Kemin Industries, in cooperation with its Philippine distributor, PeakHealth Inc, has hosted three “Antibiotic Alternative (ABA) Solutions” seminars to help customers navigate antibiotic-free animal feed trends

CH cow 2(Image source: Daniel Schwen/Commons)

More than 80 customers attended the seminars, which were held across the three major island groups of Luzon, Mindanao and Visayas.

“With the global trend to reduce or remove antibiotics from animal feed, customers are looking for cost-effective antibiotic alternatives that don’t sacrifice animal performance,” said Dr. Alfred Chua, Marketing Director at Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health Asia. “Through the seminars, we are able to share efficient and effective antibiotic replacement strategies with our customers.”

During the seminars, Dr. Chua shared the recent global trends in antibiotic alternatives and an overview of the regulatory status on the use of Antibiotic as Growth Promoters (AGPs) in Asia Pacific. Dr. Chan Poh Soon, Product Manager at Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health Asia, highlighted the consequences of banning AGPs, and the common challenges with antibiotic replacements.

“Moving away from antibiotics may impact an animal’s health and performance,” said Dr. Poh Soon. 

“To help mitigate these challenges, Kemin takes a holistic approach to AGP replacement. The range of ABA solutions we offer strengthen an animal’s intestinal integrity and microbial balance, which helps achieve optimal animal performance.”

Dr. Tinh Nguyen, Regional Technical Service Manager at Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health Asia, shared key findings from several commercial animal trials that demonstrated the effectiveness of Kemin ABA solutions in replacing AGPs.

Kemin also invited industry leaders to speak about relevant insights specific to the Philippine market on ABA solutions:

Catherine Villanueva, Veterinary II from the Bureau of Animal Industry, spoke on the Philippine government’s concern about Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), guidelines for prudent use of antimicrobials and current and future regulations on the use of antibiotics.

Butch Yabut, Animal Health Consultant, highlighted his practical experience at reducing and eliminating AGPs in animal feeds.

Rommel Sulabo, Professor of the Institute of Animal Science, UPLB discussed AMR and shared his views about AGP alternatives.

Renato Rollan, Animal Health Consultant, presented the recent trends in antibiotic use in poultry and the shift to antibiotic alternatives.

By focusing presentations around the Philippines’ antibiotic alternative trends, customers were able to relate to the discussion and have tailored takeaways on how to address future antibiotic replacement challenges.

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