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NUTRIAD presents gut health research at Global Feed Summit

The conference addressed the challenges posed by moving to an AGP free diet. (Image credit: Alexandra/ Pixabay)

Multinational feed additives producer Nutriad presented new gut health research at the recent Global Feed Summit in Bangkok, Thailand

The summit, organised by the Center for Management Technology (CMT) focused on the central theme of improving feed safety, industry integration and innovations.

At the conference, Dr Swensen Huang from Nutriad presented “Moving Towards Antibiotics-Free Era- Solutions & Strategies”. His presentation addressed the concerns of producers face with the increasing pressure from markets and governments to eliminate AGPs from animal diets.

The Presentation included new data combining precision delivery coated butyrate (ADIMIX Precision) in starter feed and phytogenics (APEX 5) in grower and finisher feed and compared this to AGP diets in boiler trials. The promising trial data generated a lot of interest and discussion among the delegates.

BK Chew, regional director APAC, emphasised the regulatory mandate to reduce or ban antibiotics in a number of countries in Southeast Asia, “Products that promote the animal performance by improving gut health without using AGPS are receiving much attention. From 1 January 2018, the regulatory bodies in Vietnam and Indonesia, will enforce the restriction of the types of antibiotics allowed as well as limiting its use to only early stages of growth.”