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Nutriad showcases programmes to reduce AGP use at 12th Indo Livestock

Nutriad’s new Mycoman mobile app can test mycotoxin contamination level in cereal crops. (Image source: United Soybean Board/Flickr)

Nutriad, the global manufacturer of animal feed additives, presented its programmes for the replacement of AGPs and full range of mycotoxin management products at the 12th Indo Livestock 2017 Expo and Forum, which is Indonesia’s largest event for livestock, feed, dairy and fisheries industry

The event was held in Surabaya from 17 to 19 May 2017.

During the event, Nutriad showcased its programmes for the replacement of antibiotics and mycotoxin inactivators and its supporting services.

Mycotoxin in cereal crops affects the health and performance of animals throughout the world, and therefore mycotoxin management is important to ensure the productivity as well as profitability of the farmers.

Nutriad exhibited their mycotoxin management products that include Unike, Toxy-Nil Plus, Toxy-Nil, Adsorbate and Mold-Nil in the Expo through their Indonesian distributor Kalbe Farma, a pharmaceutical company that provides integrated consumer health and nutrition solution.

Nutriad also presented the new Mycoman mobile app, which can test mycotoxin contamination level in cereal crops, and aims to provide complete solution for mycotoxin risk management.

In addition, Nutriad received response from the farmers, feed mills and integrators to know more about the company’s alternative to antibiotics.

Dr Glenn Alfred S Ferriol, area manager of Nutriad for Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines, explained, “Two years ago, Nutriad had the approval of the target-release precisely delivered butyrate –ADIMIX Precision in Indonesia which gave way for an effective and consistent alternative to AGPs’ in the market with and extra benefit on food safety programmes specifically against Salmonella.”

“ADIMIX Precision has also been demonstrated to be effective in helping pigs recover quickly from the negative effect of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED),” he added.

BK Chew, APAC Director of Nutriad, added, “With the implementation of the strict regulation in AGP use by end of the year, Nutriad is well positioned to work alongside producers to define solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges on the pressure of AGP use.”

Chew concluded that with Indonesia having growth of 300 per cent in feed production in last 15 years, Nutriad will continue to invest in Indonesia in manpower and distribution.