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‘One-stop’ source of information on all livestock and poultry vaccines

A new online database aims to become a unique free ‘one-stop’ source of information on all the livestock and poultry vaccines produced throughout the world. is a free to access and easy to use searchable database which provides detailed information about livestock and poultry vaccines.
Currently the Vetvac database contains information on nearly 2,000 livestock vaccine products produced by more than 95 manufacturers. This included cattle, sheep, goat, pig and poultry vaccines available in the Australia, UK, Africa, India, South America and the United States. It is being expanded and updated on a continuous basis, and aims to cover all markets, providing the most complete compendium of licensed livestock vaccine products available worldwide.
The database developers, Inocul8 and the Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines (GALVmed), both of whom are based in Edinburgh, envisage that will be especially useful to vaccine manufacturers and developers, and animal health professionals and livestock keepers.
Josef Geoola, Vetvac’s co-founder, said, “Although there are a number of on-line databases and websites that focus on livestock vaccines, none provide the global coverage that aims to achieve –our product will be unique.”
Through, vaccine manufacturers will be able to bring their products to the attention of potential new users and identify new business opportunities. Developers will be able to review what vaccines already exist before committing resources to developing new products. will also makes independently verified information available to vaccine users.
Vetvac’s developers are keen to engage with all vaccine manufacturers, large and small, so that the database can be truly global and comprehensive in its coverage. This entails downloading, completing and submitting a form. From the manufacturers’ side this entails making all their vaccine datasheets available, ideally in electronic formats, and ensuring that all new products are added to the database.

Many of the largest vaccine manufacturers are already working with the developers to ensure their vaccine ranges are included in the database.
Ceva Santé Animale’s Director of Public Affairs, Pierre-Marie Borne, who is also a voluntary member of GALVmed’s board said, “ is a very valuable resource, addressing a significant gap which current online tools are missing.  By providing a highly searchable, user-friendly portal for vaccine information, Vetvac has the potential to help Ceva reach a greater range of target users.”
Any vaccine manufacturers who would like to have their products included in the database can contact the team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and more information can be found at