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New vaccine alternative helps fight against PRRS

Fostera PRRS, a modified-live vaccine for growing pigs from Pfizer Animal Health, helps to fight the costly battle against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) respiratory disease

Pfizer Animal Health's research and development team created unique cell lines that were able to express a newly discovered key receptor protein for the PRRS virus (PRRSv). This was pivotal in bringing Fostera PRRS to the pork industry.

Steve Sornsen, senior director, Veterinary Business Solutions at Pfizer Animal Health, said, “With more than half of weaning-age PRRSv-negative pigs becoming infected before going to market, this vaccine option helps growing pigs defend themselves against a PRRSv challenge.”

A challenge study demonstrated that Fostera PRRS, which is the first and only PRRSv vaccine to earn the label claim aid in prevention of PRRS respiratory disease, reduced lung lesions by 84 per cent and reduced overall respiratory clinical signs by 80 per cent.

Additionally, results showed vaccination with Fostera PRRS improved average daily gain by 2.5 times compared to pigs in the placebo group.

“Fostera PRRS helps optimize performance by minimizing the adverse affects of a subsequent PRRSv challenge, thereby allowing growing pigs to maximize their post-challenge weight gain,” said Doug King, DVM, senior veterinarian at Pfizer Animal Health.

Fostera PRRS is the second product to launch under the Fostera brand name and is supported by in-field support, resources and diagnostics to help veterinarians and producers tackle this critical disease challenge.