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MIK International to showcase innovations at VIV Asia 2017

MIK International to showcase innovations at VIV Asia. (Image source: MIK Internationl)

MIK International is the worldwide specialist for high-quality plastic flooring and heating systems for use in pig husbandry

For farrowing pens the MIK Swing flooring system is either used as fully plastic option or combined with MIK cast panels. The MIK flooring offers best foot grip as well as highest comfort and hygienic surfaces. In the weaning accommodations, MIK Chess with its unique surface design gives best step safety and cleanliness.

In the pig finishing the trend towards “wean to finish” is becoming firmly established. MIK International has developed a special panel for this new system. The wean to finish panel Trapper XL in size 800 x 600 mm can be used in the weaner accommodation as well as all the way through to heavy bacon (200kgs) weight pigs.

For pig feeding MIK offers its Bistro W feeder range, either with plastic or stainless steel hopper. In addition, Bistro VD drop feeders are available with 6 or 9 l volume. The latest development is the water proof 90° transfer corner for chair feeding sytems.

For all systems, MIK offers PVC penning system in different heights and widths, produced in the desired lengths for your own specific project. The large number of accessories make this system extremely flexible and can be adapted to all pen and room sizes.

Our poultry slat is available in two different sizes and offers due to its special surface design a self-cleaning effect and provides optimal grip for the animals. The broiler slats are available as support type for use with support beams or as a leg type in three different heights. The broiler slats are designed to keep broiler without using any litter. This is a perfect animal friendly and clean solution that avoids blisters on breasts.

Visit us at the VIV Asia, hall 099, booth 2358!