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Advanced double-dose chick vaccinator introduced

Diamond Engineering’s latest development in vaccination technology claims to offer significant cost reduction and minimised stress to the bird. The latest addition to their range of Evolution vaccinators is the Evolution 2V double-dose vaccinator

“The Evolution 2V applies two vaccines simultaneously through a single needle. The vaccinator reduces stress on the bird by 50 per cent and increases production by 100 per cent. It also reduces labour cost by 50 per cent,” a company official said.

“The Evolution 2V still vaccinates the same high output of the renowned Evolution 1V up to 4000 chicks per hour. The special double cavity syringe can be ordered with a choice of dose sizes from 0.1ml to 0.5ml and any combination. It is possible to inject live and inactivated vaccines during the same injecting process.”

The Evolution range has been specifically designed for continuous use in arduous climates and working conditions with minimal servicing required. The range now includes double chick sensing and double dose vaccination in one injection as an option. Oil and water based vaccines can also be injected together, according to the company.