Cage-free egg production gains popularity in Malaysia

Global trends in egg production have continued to evolve toward more humane and sustainable practices. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

A new survey has revealed that more than 80% of Malaysians favour humane farming, urging Chinese and Malaysian egg producers to hold a collaborative education and sharing session on 8 May, to discuss the growing market opportunity in cage-free egg production

Hosted by the Beijing Egg Industry Association, consultancy Lever China, and international NGO Lever Foundation, the event entitled, 'Sino-Malaysia Cage-Free Egg Symposium: Unlocking Success Together,' aims to equip Malaysian egg producers with insights from leading Chinese egg producers in China who have expanded to include cage-free production in response to growing corporate and consumer demand. 

The event comes as a new survey conducted by GMO Research finds that an overwhelming 83% agree that food companies should source their eggs from a supply chain that adheres to humane standards of animal treatment. Additionally, nearly 60% of Malaysian consumers said they were more inclined to patronise a food brand that sourced only cage-free eggs and more than 60% were also willing to pay more for cage-free eggs if they were slightly more expensive than traditional caged eggs.

Based on current corporate commitments in Malaysia, Lever Foundation predicts that the demand for cage-free eggs will increase by 395 million eggs per year within the next several years.Global trends in egg production have continued to evolve toward more humane and sustainable practices, as numerous studies by the European Food Safety Authority and others have consistently found cage-free production to have far lower rates of salmonella contamination, making them healthier and safer for consumers. 

"In addition to the increasing demand from consumers for cage-free eggs, a growing number of food companies have committed to only source eggs from cage-free supply chains, which will require an increase in cage-free production in the Malaysian market," said Vilosha Sivaraman, Sustainability Programme manager at Lever Foundation, which supports food companies in Malaysia transition toward cage-free eggs.

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