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CPV Food Complex Project inaugurated

CPV Food Co, a subsidiary company of C.P Vietnam Corporation, has inaugurated the largest exporting chicken complex factory - CPV Food Complex Project in Binh Phuoc

This is the largest complex of breeding and processing chicken for export in Southeast Asia until now.

C.P Vietnam realises its investment commitments to built CPV Food Binh Phuoc export chicken processing plant complex, which contributes to the economic development of the province and local people.

CPV Food Binh Phuoc Complex Project has an initially investment capital of US$250mn, capacity of 100 million broilers per year (after 2023). CPV Food Binh Phuoc creates the extra breakthrough in Vietnam’s livestock industry; provides high-quality chicken meat products and food safety to domestic consumers and for exports: Japan (45%), Europe (35%), Asia (10%), and Middle East (10%). The project is expected to bring in foreign currency of US$100mn per year in stage 1 and US$200mn per year in stage 2.

CPV Food Binh Phuoc had started operation and had the first export chicken batch since 2020, leading Vietnam into major poultry food producing countries in the world.

“Investing in Vietnam for more than a quarter of a century, we deeply comprehend the macroscopic policy of the Vietnam Government and the direction of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in promoting Vietnam to become a food manufacturing country which meets international standards and increase exports. With the strength and successful experience in exporting poultry meat over 20 years of CP Group, we confidently set out Mission of the self-sufficient chain project to export poultry meat from Vietnam. The mission of ‘Improving food quality in Vietnam, contributing to carry Vietnam on the map of branded poultry meat exports in the world’,” Montri Suwanposri – president of CPV said.

CPV Food Binh Phuoc Complex Project complies with 100% traceability of the entire supply chain from the ingredients to the processed products, and synchronous solutions for the environment and animal welfare meet the strict criteria of the advanced import country. The project is divided into two stages. In stage 1 (2019 – 2023), it is implemented on six locals of Binh Phuoc province, including Dong Xoai city, Binh Long town, Dong Phu district, Chon Thanh district Hon Quan district and Bu Dang district with the scale of 50 million animals per year. The capacity of stage 2 will be increased up to 100 million broilers per year.

The five districts of Binh Phuoc province are going to be recognised as the first Disease Safety Zone in Vietnam by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). CPV Food Co., Ltd has built a system of barns for safe production from Avian Flu and Newcastle following the OIE standards. Specifically, integrated settings of disease safety facilities for feed producers: parents chicken farms, hatcheries, broiler farms, slaughtering and processing plants. These factors are important premise for Vietnamese chicken brand reaching out to the world.


On the other hand, it brought other diversified benefits such as: creating jobs for more than 3,000 workers; minimising environmental pollution due to planning of husbandry towards concentrated farms and away from residential areas; free consultation and support for disease prevention, ensuring livestock productivity and community health; training and transferring technical of animal husbandry - veterinary; raising awareness on disease safety for farmers in the region to help improve livestock productivity and economic efficiency; free testing of Avian Influenza and Newcastle to monitor the disease. In particular, free support for disinfection three times per year minimises pathogens' pressure in the breeding environment.

“The application of 4.0 technology, artificial intelligence, big data in the management and production is evaluated as the key stage, creating a breakthrough, in order to improve productivity and quality of product, improve competitiveness with reasonable prices, and aim for sustainable development of export and livestock. Therefore, Vietnam can believe and be proud that there is a self-sufficient chain model of chicken exports with extra technology, which meets standards of quality, biosafety, disease safety, and environmental friendliness for export to all countries in the world, even the difficult markets such as Europe and Japan. Creating a strong premise for Vietnamese’s livestock industry reaching out to the World,” Suwanposri concluded.