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Abdul Muhaimin, head of corporate marketing division, Malaysian Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals (MVP) speaks with Far Eastern Agriculture about a range of topics including the company's plans for international market expansion, their upcoming event participation and launch of their new vaccine product for Newcastle disease in chickens

IMG 4261Dr Abdul Muhaimin is the head of corporate marketing at Malaysian Vaccines & Pharmaceuticals. (Image source: Malaysian Vaccines & Pharmaceuticals)

Can you mention some of the latest products developed by MVP and the sectors they cater to?

Dr. Abdul Muhaimin (AM): MVP is now in the final phase of field trial and registration of our new product MyVAC ND Gen7, a live attenuated vaccine for Newcastle disease in chickens that has better protection against NDV Genotype VII field challenge. This product which will be launched in 2024, will help many chicken farmers to face NDV Genotype VII challenge both locally and worldwide. It is safe to be given to day-old chickens and can help reduce viral shedding in the field.

Has MVP developed any vaccines/ alternative strategies to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR)?

Dr. Abdul Muhaimin (AM): MVP has been educating farmers to give proper vaccination and improve biosecurity, together with good farm management to prevent the misuse of antibiotics in the farm that can lead to AMR. A good vaccination regime and farm management contributes to reducing primary and secondary infection, thus reducing the use of antibiotics in the farm.

With 2023 drawing to an end, has MVP planned any collaborations/ events/ product innovations for the upcoming year?

Dr. Abdul Muhaimin (AM): MVP is now starting to penetrate Central Asia with Uzbekistan as the first country in CA. This new market is expected to complete registration in 2024 and our product should also be available in those markets next year. Besides, MVP is also in the process of penetrating the UAE market as we are about to appoint a new distributor.

MVP is participating in Livestock Malaysia 2023 held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre on 29 November 2023. We would like to welcome all visitors to our booth and seminar titled: 'Vaccination Strategy to Control Genotype VII Newcastle Disease in Commercial Chickens.'

What is MVP's hope and vision?

Dr. Abdul Muhaimin (AM): In the future, MVP plans to penetrate more markets in the Middle East and Central Asia. Besides focusing on the poultry vaccine products, MVP plans to have vaccines for other species as well and concentrate on pharmaceutical products.