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First-of-its-kind technology launched to monitor poultry body condition

Food ingredients company, Cargill has launched a patent-pending breakthrough technology, empowering producers to optimise laying persistency and egg production

Cargill’s REVEAL Layers — which was unveiled at the 2024 International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) last month — can help poultry layer producers to achieve significant gains in hen laying production. By utilising Cargill’s innovative, non-invasive Near InfraRed (NIR) technology, producers and nutritionists have immediate access to body composition assessments of their hens, thus allowing them to make real-time decisions regarding diets to support their flocks’ long-term production and performance.

Cargill’s REVEAL Layers uses NIR light technology to measure the bird’s fat pads, which when overdeveloped can be problematic for long-term egg production and optimal liver function in laying hens. The results are uploaded and analysed, providing producers and nutritionists with actionable data which can be used to adapt the diet to achieve the optimal layer body composition.

Besides cutting down feed costs, this technology can also maximise egg production and boost profitability, in turn setting a new standard in supporting the long-term performance of laying hens. Cargill’s senior scientist, Lieske van Eck explained that Cargill’s holistic approach was supporting producers and nutritionists to make educated decisions regarding layer diets. He further highlighted how these insights would pave the way for more sustainable and efficient poultry production. 

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