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Lighting up Philippine poultry farms with LONGi's Hi-MO X6

Solar power is seen as a game-changer in reducing operational expenses and bolstering the competitiveness of the agricultural industry. (Image source: LONGi)

A poultry farm in the Philippines has embraced Hi-MO X6, which was installed across the rooftops of the farm, pioneering a low-carbon, and sustainable agricultural paradigm

Under the mission of 'To make the best of solar energy to build a green world', the world's leading solar technology company, LONGi is at the forefront of bringing photovoltaic technology to cultivate an agriculture sector that thrives in harmony with nature. 

Equipped with HPBC cell technology and having an estimated annual generation of 300,000 kWh, Hi-MO X6 supplies the farm's energy needs and anticipates a net CO₂ emission reduction of 4439 tonnes over its lifetime – a figure equivalent to the CO₂ absorption of 14,796 trees over 30 years.

Boasting a 2.27% increase in light absorption, Hi-MO X6 significantly enhances power output, with empirical tests revealing that Hi-MO X6 operates for 5.8 hours per day, surpassing the average four-hour generation time of mainstream products. Annually, this amounts to an additional 1182.6 generation hours and yields for users.

Being the first to offer full rear-side soldering, Hi-MO X6 considerably improves anti-crack capabilities and exhibits exceptional performance in severe weather resilience tests. Moreover, these panels also passed the TUV SUD ammonia corrosion test, ensuring stable and efficient power and securing daily operations at the poultry farm.

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