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Marel’s high-tech processing plant starts operations in South Korea

The duck processing line can process up to 6,000 ducks per hour in-line. (Image source: Marel)

Marel has began operating a high-tech poultry processing facility — CharmFre — near Buan in South Korea

The new plant is a greenfield project, company sources said.

According to Marel, there are four high capacity processing lines under one roof for the primary and secondary processing of different types of poultry. The total maximum throughput is more than 35,000 broilers per hour (bph), including ducks. The duck processing line can process up to 6,000 ducks per hour in-line.

Integrated proven technologies have also been built in the plant with Marel Stork Poultry Processing equipment for processing various types of poultry such as broilers, tiny spring chicken, country chicken, parent stock, laying hens and ducks.

The plant also reportedly has fully enclosed and in-line double wax system.

The processed ducks are chilled in-line and distributed automatically based on weight, the company added. Other automated solutions that have been integrated are packing of whole products, cut-up products, fillet products and other boneless products, giblets and feet as well as tray, bag or bulk packaging.

Using a barcode system, products can be distributed correctly and finally handed over to Charmfre’s fully robotised palletising system.