ProPhorce SR celebrates 10 years in the market

ProPhorce SR has become one of the companys flagship products to support gut health and performance. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Global feed additives producer Perstorp will celebrate 10 years since the commercial application of tributyrins solution ProPhorce SR for animal nutrition

According to Perstorp,  ProPhorce SR has become one of the company's flagship products to support gut health and performance. The application of the esterification process ensured odourless butyric acid that is released where it is of most benefit to the animals. To mark the occasion, Perstorp is organising a series of activities to celebrate and commemorate the product’s accomplishments throughout the decade.

ProPhorce SR is a tributyrin solution in the market used with more than 20 billion broilers treated in more than 50 countries. Geert Wielsma, vice president of sales EMEA and Americas and former development team member for ProPhorce SR said, “I’m happy that we have been able to help so many customers around the world improving their performance thanks to the application of ProPhorce SR. We are about to finalize a new production line in our Dutch feed additives production plant that will facilitate the next decade of growth for our tributyrin solutions.”

This year marks a double celebration for the company as Perstorp is turning 140 years. Commenting on the occasion José Maria Ros, global technical manager said,  “When the concept of ProPhorce SR was born and we did our first animal trials, we knew we had something very special in our hands. Feed producers in over 50 countries are using ProPhorce SR nowadays with more than 50 trials ran all over the world. Results can be summarized with two words, efficiancy and reliability. We would like to thank our customers for the loyalty and the trust they have placed in the company and in ProPhorce SR during these 10 years, they motivate us to continue providing the market with innovative solutions for the decades to come”.