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Delacon, a multinational feed additive company headquartered in Austria, has opened a new Asian hub in Singapore on 18 March 2019

Asia Pacific TeamAsia Pacific team. (Image source: Delacon)

“It will serve as Delacon regional office, as the new home of Delacon in Asia to strengthen the footprint of Delacon in Asia,” said Gina Medina, sales group leader in Asia.

Together with strong business partners across Asia, the Delacon team aims to implement modern feeding strategies in the region.

As the Asian market growing fast in the past years, Delacon has fostered the team, with Yoshinori Hashizawa being a country sales manager in Japan and Edna Alconera being a country sales manager in the Philippines.

Importance of well-established phytogenics

Many plants from thyme to curcuma, from quillaja to peppers, are synergistically formulated in solutions with a strong scientific background.

After extensive in-vitro research, the efficacy of products is tested in vivo trials across the globe. Recently launched products address concerns such as heat stress, or post-weaning diarrhoea.

Food safety among the top issues

Producing high-quality protein for a growing world is among the top issues globally. Especially in Asia, it is a frequently discussed topic these days. The Global Feed & Food Congress which hosted from 11-13 March 2019 in Bangkok addresses the topic “The future of feed and food – are we ready?”

Delacon CEO Markus Dedl cited recent consumer survey results, saying that consumers are conflicted about food information. “We need to collaborate in positively communicating what we do well in the feed industry for rebuilding consumer trust.”