FAO launches AgriTech Observatory for digital agriculture monitoring

The platform, the first resource of its kind is focused specifically on Europe and Central Asia. (Image source: FAO)

As the digital agricultural landscape rapidly evolves in Europe and Central Asia, regional challenges have begun to arise, that need to be carefully monitored and addressed

In February this year, the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) launched the AgriTech Observatory, offering a tool to monitor the digital agriculture landscape, while identifying innovative solutions to regional challenges and scaling up good practices. 

Equipped with interactive filters, a map, and analytics, the tool enables users to explore a multitude of digital agriculture initiatives, track regional developments and perform analyses. Moreover, it also contributes to existing open data and knowledge sharing initiatives, such as the FAO AgroInformatics Platform.

“The AgriTech Observatory lies at the heart of our dedication to driving digital innovation in agriculture,” said Daniela Di Gianantonio, FAO head of Digital Agriculture. “This dynamic platform addresses the lack of data in digital agriculture in Europe and Central Asia and serves as a crucial knowledge portal for researchers, practitioners and innovators, enabling us to collaboratively transform agrifood systems in the region.”

Throughout this year, the Observatory is set for continuous evolution and enhancement to foster innovation and digital transformation across the agricultural sector.