A new versatile LEMKEN cultivator

The Karat 10 three-beam cultivator is now entering the market in extensive mounted and semi-mounted versions. (Image source: LEMKEN)

The Karat 10 three-beam cultivator is now entering the market in extensive mounted and semi-mounted versions

The tines are arranged symmetrically around the tensile axis, making the machine extremely low-draught and avoiding side draft. This is particularly important when using the cultivator with track guidance systems. At the same time, it ensures intensive mixing.

The tine arrangement is just one of the core areas that LEMKEN has improved even further in its Karat cultivator, which has been incredibly successful for many years.

The wing shares for shallow cultivation have been widened. Alternatively, narrow shares can be used for deep cultivation. All shares are optionally available in carbide.

DeltaCut shares can be used for ultra-shallow cultivation, the standard quick-change system allows the shares to be changed quickly and easily for working depths of up to 30 cm.

Centrally adjustable levelling tines ensure even levelling. Specially shaped levelling discs, which provide good working results on heavy soils are optionally available.

Also newly available are boundary discs and tines that can be folded up mechanically or hydraulically.

Drawbars in a range of types and lengths open up even more versatile applications in professional crop production and allow it to be used with tractors with twin tyres.

The cultivator can be equipped optionally with a hydraulically adjustable leading disc section. This ensures that large volumes of organic matter can be incorporated even better into the soil. The discs, which are individually suspended on leaf springs, chop organic matter, and break up coarse soil clumps so that the machine can mix soil intensively and work without clogging.

The new Karat 10 cultivator is available in mounted and semi-mounted versions, with working widths between three and seven metres. A traction booster and the ContourTrack system which ensures an even working depth in hilly terrain are available for the semi-mounted models. Customers can choose from the full range of LEMKEN rollers, if required. A following harrow for removing soil from roots can be optionally mounted.