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AGCO will enhance its Challenger farm brand in Africa

Challenger offers high-performance tracked tractors and sprayers built by AGCO in North America for the African market. (Image source: Taina Sohlman/Shutterstock)

AGCO is set to further develop its Challenger farm machinery business in Africa, which is a part of AGCO’s global strategy program for the expansion of the brand’s presence in the African region

AGCO is Asia-Pacific’s most trusted brand to support productive farming through its complete range of farming equipments and related services and a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural solutions and products.

Challenger is AGCO’s core brand in Africa, Asia-Pacific and North and South America. The Company targets to expand its product portfolio and utilise its established brand equity and dealer network strength to propel further growth in the African region.

AGCO's Challenger Manufacturing Plant, situated in Jackson, Minnesota, has been the subject of multi-million dollar investments over the last five years including a 75,000 sq ft expansion to the tractor assembly line and the opening of a new visitors’ centre.

Challenger got a US$42mn investment from AGCO in 2013 to improve manufacturing quality and increase production capacity. The upgradation included new component manufacturing facilities, use of new robotic welders, end-of-line quality testing, new engineering capabilities using virtual reality modelling in 3-D.

AGCO has proposed to integrate Challenger with Fendt from January 2018 in Europe and Middle East (EME), as Challenger product has undergone more of a niche market position in the region. Fendt is AGCO’s partner brand that manufactures agriculture tractors and machines. The proposed change in EME region is projected to be a very important step for the company to best serve its customers and dealers with a wide range of farm enterprises and machinery equipments.

AGCO confirms that the proposed change in the EME region will not affect Challenger’s business in the USA, Africa, and Asia-pacific region.