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ALMACO's new planter promises precision in seed placement and plot dimensions

ALMACOs SeedPro Elite Research Planter delivers greater precision in planting, leading to better harvest data and faster advancement decisions. (Image source: ALMACO)

ALMACO has recently announced the launch of the new SeedPro Elite Research Planter, which uses cutting-edge plot planting technology to deliver unmatched precision in seed placement, clean alleys, and consistent plot dimensions

Greater precision provides seed and research professionals with less variables, enabling them to plant with unique customisations to suit different operational requirements. This in turn leads to better harvest data and faster advancement decisions. The planters electric-drive motors and precision-placement individual-row controls allow for row-by-row population planting, offering ultimate control over research plot data. Moreover, synchronisation between rows and automated timing provide consistent plot starts every time, ensuring consistent seed placement within each row. 

SeedPro Elite is designed to enable seamless integration with a variety of tractors, guidance systems, and added accessories for more operational flexibility. In addition, a modern new-user interface was also created to support flexible mapping and individual-row planting controls. The display is used to adjust planter settings, import field maps, export logged data, and monitor performance while planting. The setup only takes few minutes to get to the field faster. The presence of the intuitive platform also indicates that reasearchers can spend less time training staff and more time in the field operating. 

"In research, your data is everything, so the number of variables SeedPro Elite removes from the equation is significant,” said ALMACO product manager, Rob Paul. "When border plants in each plot have equal sunlight exposure and soil nutrient opportunity, it removes variables to your data. At harvest time, there’s also reduced risk of accidental plot carryover because alleys are so clean."

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