Anitox launches globally accessible feed mill biosecurity app

The app enables mill managers and quality teams to establish a baseline for biosecurity standards. (Image source: Anitox)

Feed millers around the world now have access to a biosecurity application that allows them to record past audits, identify areas of concern and establish a baseline for biosecurity, thus implementing sound manufacturing practices and adhering to regulatory biosecurity requirements

Anitox, a feed pathogen control specialist launched this free app to collect and present feed mill biosecurity audit records for all geographies and regulatory bodies. 

The company has given up the right to track user-given audit data, making the Feed Mill Biosecurity app the most secure and private offering available. App users can therefore be confident that their data is protected and private. The app is available on both iOS and Google Play stores and also mill managers to access a feed mill technologist with just the click of a button. 

"Auditing feed mills and amassing the evidence and data needed to produce meaningful biosecurity programmes can be a headache. For years our feed mill technologists have been walking facilities with customers, collecting evidence and preparing reports for regulatory and compliance bodies across the globe,” explained  Anitox’s global director of Nutrition and Live Production, Dr. Enrique Montiel, who further emphasised that the procedure had become significantly easier with the launch of the new feed mill biosecurity audit app. 

“Our team of feed milling technologists and technical specialists solve Salmonella, virus and other feed pathogen-related challenges on a daily basis; now that knowledge has been put the good use for the wider community. Having proven the technology with our loyal customers, we have decided it is too useful to keep to ourselves,” Montiel added. 

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