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Partnership to expand global sales of ICT platform CropScope

NEC and Sumitomo will continue to expand the range of focus crops and functions of CropScope while responding to issues and needs of agricultural production and processing sites. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Through a strategic partnership, NEC Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation have agreed to expand global sales of NEC's agricultural ICT platform CropScope

By utilising Sumitomo's global network, both companies are aiming to develop markets in South America and the ASEAN region. Besides its focus on the tomato farming support, NEC will be expanding the range of crops and adding functions to optimise and streamline a series of processes from cultivation to harvesting and processing. Therefore, CropScope is initially being introduced on a trial basis to major sugar companies in Thailand and Brazil.

In addition to processed tomatoes, CropScope has been expanded to support sugarcane, wheat, soybeans and corn, as focus crops. With reference to previously obtained farming and harvesting data, AI functions will be applied for these new crops to recommend the optimal time and amount of harvest. In addition, a harvest planning function will also be added to manage harvest planning and results. In combination with the existing optimisation of fertiliser application and irrigation, this function will enable comprehensive management from cultivation to harvesting and processing.

By utilising advanced technologies, Sumitomo has been focusing on developing new businesses that contribute to sustainable food production with high efficiency and low environmental impact, while also expanding its existing business base in the agriculture and food fields. Moreover, the fact that NEC has established AI technologies in agriculture and other fields, makes its collaboration with Sumitomo an important initiative.

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