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Cutting down water usage with Marel's new drum washer

RevoPortioner Drum Washer 700 and 1000. (Image source: Marel)

Closely aligned with their sustainability goals, Marel's engineers have launched the new RevoPortioner Drum Washer which significantly reduces water and energy consumption, while giving solid cleaning results

In comparison with the previous washing process, the new drum washer has been found to consume 69% less water and up to 53% less energy, thus translating into the lowest water usage in drum washing technology.

The latest softwarre version of the drum washer ensures a high-tech management of the completely automated washing programme, which makes smarter use of water in the washing unit, while achieving the same cleaning results. Once the drum is lifted out of the RevoPortioner and placed into the drum washing unit, the remainder of the cleaning process including the addition of the required dosage of disinfectant, detergent and water, is fully automated.

The cleaning programme spans the entire width of the drum, effectively covering all corners and edges of the molds, thereby ensuring perfect release of the formed products in the next processing round. To efficiently control energy and water consumption, the RevoPortioner Drum Washer is equipped with a new user-friendly HMI screen which enables easy set-up of the washing programme. This new software allows processors to access detailed information on the system’s touchscreen, including the real-time progress of the washing process. 

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