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Egg Force Reader upgraded for better data processing

The EggTesters latest Egg Force Reader, which provides fully automatic testing. (Image source: EggTester)

Equipment supplier has upgraded its Egg Force Reader, which now communicates with a computer via Bluetooth wireless communication

The upgraded version allows for rapid data storage and retrieval, enhanced data processing and flexible printing options. 

The machine provides fully-automatic testing, has a built-in printer and an RS-232C communication port or Bluetooth wireless communication system.

The Egg Force Reader measures the destruction strength of eggshells. The gauge provides a high level of accuracy with ease of operation and convenient measurement with digital control and displays.

With the new version, one can electrically measure the destruction strength of eggs without touching them. The Egg Force Reader displays and prints measured peak and has high measurement accuracy. It provides stable measurement and doesn’t depend on individual operators. The upgraded device shortens the measurement time to approximately 17 seconds for one set of eggs.

The proprietary PC-based software presents the data in a Microsoft Excel format for enhanced data retrieving, processing and printing.