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EICHER Tractors, part of Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, tractor manufacturer (TAFE) has announced the launch of the EICHER PRIMA G3 Series - a new range of premium tractors for the sub-continent

EICHER PrimaG3The new model is a new series of tractors in the 40 - 60 hp range, that according to EICHER, offers progressive technology and comfort. (Image source: EICHER)

The new model is a new series of tractors in the 40 - 60 hp range, that according to EICHER, offers progressive technology and comfort.

Launching the EICHER PRIMA G3 series, Mallika Srinivasan, CMD - TAFE said, “The Eicher brand, for decades, has been well-known for its trust, reliability, ruggedness and versatility in both the agriculture and commercial space. The launch of the PRIMA G3, brings to the progressive farmers of a modern India, more productivity, comfort and ease to match their new aspirations, and offers an enhanced value proposition that Eicher has always promised.”

According to EICHER, the new PRIMA G3 boasts a modern design with an aerodynamic hood, that offers easy access to the engine with its one-touch front-open, single-piece bonnet. The bold grille with high-intensity 3D cooling technology, wrap-around headlamps, and Digi NXT Dashboard is a fusion of bold and elegant looks, which provide higher cross-air flow and long hours of continuous operation. The sporty steering wheel with a spinner knob offers effortless control.

Dr Lakshmi Venu, DMD, TAFE Motors and Tractors Limited (TMTL) said, “Young and progressive farmers of India are seeking to maximise returns from farming operations while focusing on technology and agri-tech solutions, and the PRIMA G3 would be the ideal partner in creating an ecosystem that will revolutionize agriculture”.

EICHER stated that the PRIMA G3 is engineered with state-of-the-art customer-centric technology, and the range comes with the High Torque-Fuel Saver (HT-FS) liquid-cooled engine, which provides greater efficiency for higher productivity. The CombiTorq Transmission offers a perfect pairing of the engine and the transaxle to deliver maximum power, torque and productivity. The new multispeed PTO provides 4 different PTO modes, making the tractor compatible with multiple agricultural and commercial applications.

Sandeep Sinha, CEO of TAFE said, “We are delighted to launch the new PRIMA G3 series with a world-class styling and international technology, that offers premium automotive excellence in style, fit and finish, and robust build quality. The EICHER PRIMA G3 is a reflection of Eicher's hallmark durability and reliability. The PRIMA G3 is equipped with ergonomic operator stations, and new steering controls for comfortable, safe and long hours of productive use. We will ensure that our customers have easy access to the new Eicher PRIMA G3 series.”

The tractor’s ergonomically designed elevated Comfy Luxe seating provides a clear all-around view for easy manoeuvring of the tractor while its spacious platform represents a best-in-class operating environment. In addition to comfort, the EICHER PRIMA G3 is designed for the utmost safety, be it day or night. The ‘Lead Me Home’ feature provides an illuminated path at night, ensuring safety and convenience.