Fliegl Agrartechnik launches new durable dumper TMK 279

The TMK 279 offers quality down to the last detail. (Image source: Fliegl Agrartechnik)

Fliegl Agrartechnik has developed a dumper that not only offers the perfect blend of power and performance but also boasts a wealth of innovative features for optimum use in agricultural applications

The new TMK 279 combines an impressive design with a permitted total weight of up to 24 tonnes. This robustness allows it to transport large volumes of bulk materials and ensures maximum durability during everyday use on the field.

With a basic capacity of approximately 31 cu m and an impressive 40 cu m when fitted with a 500 mm attachment, the TMK 279 dumper serves as a highly flexible solution for transporting a range of different materials. The ability to expand the capacity makes it a versatile tool for the agricultural sector.

The standard Profi frame boasts an attractive design thanks to its painted finish, which guarantees a long service life and reliable resistance to external influences. The hydraulically sprung draw gear ensures optimum adaptation to different loads, effectively compensates for different coupling heights on towing vehicles and helps to minimise vibrations.

With its hydraulic chassis, the TMK 279 offers sophisticated technology for maximum stability in even the most demanding conditions. The standard 710/50 R30.5 tyres in conjunction with the 410 x 180 axle configuration ensure optimum soil protection, traction and manoeuvrability on various different surfaces. The TMK 279 dumper is approved for speeds of up to 40 km/h, which enables efficient and time-saving travel on public roads. Moreover, the dumper is also ideal for transporting light bulk materials and is capable of handling even the most challenging conditions with very wet ground, thanks to its high-volume tyres and advanced chassis.

Overall, the TMK 279 dumper represents an optimum addition to the upper tandem dumper segment, offering the perfect combination of performance, innovation and versatility to satisfy the demanding requirements of modern agriculture.

For more information, visit: https://fliegl-agrartechnik.de/