Foresight and SUNWAY-AI to commercialise autonomous technologies for the Chinese agriculture market

SUNWAY aims to incorporate Foresights stereo technology into its unmanned autonomous agricultural vehicles. (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd, an innovator in automotive vision systems, announced the signing of a multiphase business cooperation agreement with SUNWAY-AI Technology, a global manufacturer of autonomous and unmanned intelligent vehicle products

The first phase will consist of a proof of concept (POC) project in which SUNWAY will test the QuadSight vision prototype system and evaluate Foresight's technology and its further potential integration into SUNWAY's products and services. Upon successful evaluation, the parties intend to enter into a partnership agreement, including collaborative projects to develop and commercialise solutions focused on the Chinese agriculture and heavy machinery markets. 

SUNWAY designs and develops autonomous farms in China, among other projects, and aims to incorporate Foresight's stereo technology into its unmanned autonomous agricultural vehicles.

"This cooperation agreement in China with SUNWAY, a leading automotive-related manufacturer and integrator, opens the door to the growing market of automated machines and autonomous agriculture. This opportunity has the potential to enhance our footprint in the Chinese market by expanding our solution offerings. Our advanced 3D vision technologies, and particularly our thermal stereo vision system, address detection challenges that are caused by dust and fertiliser particles, harsh weather and lighting conditions, potentially bringing added value to automated machines and autonomous agriculture," stated Haim Siboni, CEO, Foresight.