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New multi-tasking forest machine from Cat

Caterpillar Forest Products recently introduced the new Cat 568 Forest Machine (FM) that delivers more performance — while consuming less fuel — than the previous model.

Highlights include an increase in horsepower, more efficient hydraulics, longer track frames for more stability, and ground-level accessibility for maintenance.
Cat Forest Machines are versatile, purpose-built machines that can be customized to perform many forestry applications. The 568 is available in a general forestry configuration for road building, site prep and processing; and in a loader version for log loading, shoveling, butt-n-top loading and millyard applications. The 568 is the largest in the four-model FM line.
The 568 is powered by the new 319 net hp Cat C9.3 ACERT engine, which provides increased power and torque as compared to the C9 engine in the 330D FM. The 568 also has more horsepower than competitive machines in the same class.
Pumps and other system components are improved and reduce parasitic power losses. The hydraulic valve arrangement and the resized and reshaped oil passages — unique to Cat hydraulic excavators and the 568 — enable freer oil flow. Operators will notice the machine runs more smoothly and responds more quickly. Also, less engine effort is required to move oil through the hydraulic system, which translates into fuel efficiency gains of up to 5 percent over the 330D FM, depending on application.
The excavator mass and reach linkages and purpose built log loader boom and stick sets are built for heavy-duty applications. Increased steel thickness on the rear and center section of the boom, the side sections of the stick, and internal reinforcement plates increase the durability of general forestry HEX linkage arrangements.