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PHNIX unveils agricultural heat pump dryer

Application of PHNIX heat pump dryer for grape drying in China. (Image source: PHNIX)

PHNIX, heat pump dryer manufacturer in China, has launched the agricultural heat pump dryer, with an aim to save up to 75 per cent on operating costs

Li Wei, product manager at PHNIX, said that users from countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Thailand and the Philippines have a high demand for agricultural drying equipment.

Information from the agricultural products processing industry in Southeast Asia shows that with the growing scale of high value-added crops in some local countries, the demand for energy-saving drying equipment of fruits and vegetables for local farmers is also increasing.

According to PHNIX, its heat pump dryers have applications in China, Europe and Southeast Asia. A number of Southeast Asian business partners has shown interest in importing PHNIIX agricultural heat pump dryers with heat recovery and COP 3.8.