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Plasson launches new Water on Demand system

Plasson, a leading manufacturer of poultry systems, recently launched Water on Demand (WOD) system designed to control and manage water pressure in all drinker lines installed at poultry houses, according to the birds’ changing demands during a 24-hour period and during the grow-out.

“By easily changing only two parts of the Plasson Line Pressure Regulator you can convert all the Pressure Regulators into Pressure Reducers. Now, the management of the water pressure in all drinker lines in the house is achieved from one central location, by using a minimum of 2 types of pre-set Pressure Regulators (for example, one regulator for low to medium pressures and a second regulator for medium to high pressures). This assures the same pressure in all drinker lines and a supply of the required amount of water when birds demand it,” a company official said.
“The patent-pending W.O.D. does not require additional expensive infrastructure installation. It is easily retrofit every Plasson watering system and uses the water itself to control the pressure.
W.O.D. help in maximizing bird performance with optimal water supply, maintains dryer litter and cut the labor costs.”
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