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Roxell launches new Dos7® dispenser for sows

The updated Dos7 dispenser is designed for modern pig farming (Image source: Adobe Stock)

Roxell, the leading manufacturer of automated feeding, drinking, nesting, heating, ventilation and control systems, is launching a new Dos7® dispenser that possesses features to make farmers’ lives easier and feeding times calmer

Roxell’s innovation department is focused on ensuring high precision feeding which results in the absolute best sow condition and lower feed consumption. The company has also made the dispenser easy to clean which increases the hygiene levels in the house and reduces the need for antibiotics. Durability and performance are central to this new design, as in all of Roxell’s systems.

“Our updated Dos7 dispenser is designed for modern pig farming,” said Ludo Bosschaerts, product manager at Roxell. “Our R&D department built an entirely new dispenser aimed at perfecting feeding. If each dispenser avoids giving too much or too little feed, you can gain massive savings that way. In addition, this new dispenser is very easy to clean, which supports an antibiotic-free approach.”

Bosschaerts further stated that Dos7 was one of their top products in the pig segment. In fact, the model was being used by numerous farms for decades and could be found at pig farms on all continents. “This new Dos7 dispenser was built with the same philosophy because quality and durability are important values for us,” he added.

In the insemination, gestation and farrowing houses, the dispenser can be set to follow a high precision (up to 0.1 litres) feeding regime of your choice, with one or more feeding times per day. Moreover, the device is capable of handling all types of feed, including treat foods and enrichment materials, such as wood pellets, to improve animal well-being. The feed volume can also be adjusted manually with the easy-to-read level slide. In the insemination and farrowing house, feed volume can be controlled automatically. In this case, software is used to set a feed curve per sow.

Inside the dispenser, a dump ball moves up and down to start and stop the feed flow. This motion also breaks up any clogged feed, ensuring that no residue is left behind. In addition, the shape of the reservoir guarantees 100 % feed outflow.

One of the biggest advantages is that the Dos7 dispenser is easy to clean and dries quickly. All the joints are watertight, which prevents moisture from entering the central feed tube. The selected materials are also resistant to disinfectants and cleaning agents and the level indicator always remains readable. In short, this dispenser is fully geared towards a hygienic process. Therefore, the Dos7 can help you maintain an antibiotic-free farm.