UniFAHS announces million dollar funding raised to scale bacteriophage technology

Dr. Vongkamjan and her team continue to further groundbreaking research and sustainable food production to redefine the biotechnology landscape. (Image source: UniFAHS)

Biotechnology company, UniFAHS recently announced that it has raised more than US$1.4mn in its seed funding round, propelling the company forward in its mission of growth and transforming food production using environmentally friendly and sustainable approaches

UniFAHS's patented phage solutions are at the forefront of combating antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and promoting climate-friendly agricultural practices. 

This investment serves as a catalyst that will enable the company to expand its production capacity and extend its reach across Southeast and South Asia by working closely with its distribution partners to expand the customer segments by 20% in 2024 to impact the world's food production significantly.

"Our vision at UniFAHS is to create a sustainable future for food production. This funding is a financial boost and a strong endorsement of our phage technology's potential to revolutionise the agriculture and food safety sectors," said co-founder and CEO of UniFAHS, Dr. Kitiya Vongkamjan.

For more information, visit: https://unifahs.com/