Village Green Global Inc begin underwriting sustainable development

Global Festival of Ideas for Sustainable Development. (Image source: GFoIfSD/Flickr)

Village Green Global, Inc. (VGG) a thought leader in environmental, economic and social projects, today announced the commencement of two sustainable development projects, by funding the initial phases of two projects

Russell Islands, Solomon Islands is a USD$135M project involving the rehabilitation of the coconut harvesting and production facility, replanting of plantations, upgrades to school, hospital, port and airfield to improve quality of life for the local communities through job creation. This is the first stage in a multiple phased approach to provide strong economic development to the region while being supportive of the local tribes, environment and social understandings. 

Pasman Island, Croatia is a USD$80m project involving energy efficiency, renewable energy generation, storage and controls to assist local business in saving money and reducing their environmental footprint. The aim of the project is to create a “Green Town” that can be a leader in the region for future sustainable development opportunities elsewhere. 

Both projects are being syndicated through Lance Energy Capital, New York at no upfront cost to either the Croatian or Solomon Island communities. The next step is to finalize the funding and execute an Energy Services Agreement (ESA) for both projects to commence.

“We are looking forward to bringing alternate energy generation and energy efficiency solutions to these communities. These communities are on their way in achieving their goals to become leaders in their regions for sustainable development and reducing their costs in energy production and use”. said Doug Smith – CEO and Founder of VGG.